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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, Monday.....


Just a quick little note today to say all is good.  It's been a pretty good day all around today.  Work was crazy busy and stressful.  But, I made it point not to let this stress break my stride tonight when I got home.  Dan's first day back on the 3-11 shift will also NOT break me.  If I am really going to do this it's up to me and nobody else.  He never makes me accountable....but sometimes I wish he would.  Truthfully, I hope we can do this together and so far he is trying. 

I had my dinner planned for this evening which makes a world of difference.  All my hard work yesterday paid off by having planned out breakfast, lunch and dinner for tonight and several nights this week.  This along with my continued use of myfitness pal (still nameless by the way....hehe) helped me all day long.

It's great to have options and not just the same old, same old.  So what shall my choices be for tomorrow?  The possibilities are endless.  The fridge is full of homecooked meals for the taking.  Grilled chicken, baked and hard boiled eggs, spinach lasagna, ham and cabbage, and lots of fruits and vegetables to boot!!

So goodnight faithful followers.....I will leave you with a peek at my yummy Spinach Salad with grilled onions, mushrooms, chicken along with fresh raspberries and raspberry poppyseed dressing.  This was a "winner, winner chicken dinner".....as my food network fav Guy Fieri would say.

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