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Monday, July 16, 2012



It is amazing how much someone's mindset can change in a day.... I spent all weekend pumping myself up that today would be another good day!!  I have always had my own definition of sorts for a Stress-FULL or Stress-FILLED day.  Unfortunately, I went from a high....to a medium today....not rock bottom, but I am disappointed in myself that I let a stressful day at work knock me off my so-called "high-horse".

Stress-FULL to me means a FULL tummy.  Yes, I am a stress eater... I know I am not alone in this but it can certainly make you feel that way sometimes.    It was a long, crazy Monday.  And....I did well all day... a good breakfast of whole grain cereal, ultra skim milk, and blueberries.  My mid-morning snack of Strawberry Greek Yogurt. ( I finally found one of these greek types I like....of all places at ALDI's)  Packed full of protein.  For lunch it was a salad with healthy greens, carrots, cucumbers and a bit of turkey bacon topped with a yummy fat free raspberry vinegar dressing.  Along with this I had a few crackers with WW white cheddar cheese wedge. (Also, very good).

So here is where a stressful day turned StressFULL.  I stopped at Sheetz to grab a drink on my way home and there it was.....something I hadn't had FOREVER.  Something you just NEVER find around my neck of the woods....But there it sat in the freezer calling my name. ( Did I mention its like 102 degrees and a downright sauna outside) 

Graeter’s French Pot Ice Cream.  And wouldn't you know it they had Mint Chocolate Chip which is one of my ALL TIME favorites when it comes to Graeters.  The chocolate chips (really it should be called CHUNKS) are sinful.

Of course I think this is a sign that its okay to buy this because the big guy up there must know I needed a little pick me up.  And he wouldn't put one of my favorite things right in front of me if he didn't really want me to have it.  (Yeah right....keep telling yourself that Michelle) 

I know now I was being tested and I FAILED!!!  I didn't do what I needed to do..... I didn't even think about what I needed to do.  And that was.....step back.....take a deep breath.....and ask God to get me past this temptation.  I started reading a book called  "A 21 Day Journey to a New You: FOOD, FITNESS, and FAITH for Women".  It talks about things such as God's plan for your health, respecting your body, and asking for God's help.

Now I am not gonna sit here as I write this and say that God and I are like this....

However, if this journey is what brings us closer together I can't think of a better reason right now.  So, I told there would be some good days and bad days..... I just didn't predict one of the bad days would be sooo soon!!  It's gonna be okay though..... I'm off to read again what I obviously forgot and I am gonna read and re-read until I get it to stick.  And this time I am gonna get it to stick somewhere else besides my HIPS....hehe!!

Thanks for reading... Love much... M

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