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Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's been way toooo.....long

Well a lot has happened since I last entered in my blog. Chased some dreams.....some with success, some with failures, and some with both. My husband and made it to the ocean. I have been chasing that dream for a long, long time and 9 days before my 40th birthday that dream was achieved. It was a long road and worth every minute. I guess you could say it gave me more motivation than any other I had ever had up to this point in my life. Motivation to lose some weight and get healthier.

Unfortunately, since getting there and back I have been swimming in the shallow end so to speak. Taking the easy way out and not taking the risk of diving all the way in again with my eating and exercise plans. It's been a couple months since I have been to the gym and I ran out of excuses about......well.....a couple months ago.

So now as I write this I am hoping I can find a new motivation and realize that a trip to the beach/ocean isn't something that is going to happen every year in my life and I must find the right motivation. You would think my diabetes would get me motivated enough...but I still struggle. I still want the things I should not have....shoulda, coulda, woulda.....huh??

Well I am going to give it another go and I hope I can "gain"....yes gain the wisdom and understanding I need to get through each and every day. I had lost over 40 lbs prior to going to Punta Cana the first week in May 2013. I gained some weight back since our beach trip...and hoping to nip it in the bud before I have it all back on this body of mine.

Hoping my husband will jump on board with me and get us both healthier for a long life and many more trips together. My trip to the ocean was hard to put into words, but I will never forget my first trip. I hope to make many more in the years to come and with some more weight off I hope to have many more adventures to unknown places.

God Bless....any encouragement would be surely welcomed!!! M