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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Rollercoaster of Emotions!!!


It's been another long day both at work and home, but now as the day is winding down I feel very accomplished.  I find myself looking forward to writing daily....even if sometimes its just the ramblings of a crazy person.  Let's face it!! There will always be something out there to cause us stress, make us sad, make us angry and yes make us VERY HAPPY!! 

I find it funny how all these emotions can be connected with food.  As I mentioned before I definitely am a stress/emotional eater.  I can't possibly be the only one realizing that food can be the center point for all kinds of emotions and occasions. 

Imagine a birthday party with no cake, a superbowl party with no chips and dip or buffalo wings, or a 4th of July picnic without the hot dogs and/or hamburgers?? These are times of celebration and what a better way to celebrate than with food.

So then there is sadness....and quite possibly others along with myself look to food for comfort.  Maybe you've lost a job, had a fight with a friend, having other health issues, or worst of all maybe you've had a loved one pass away.  What's the first thing people do when they hear a family member or friend has lost a loved one??  They take them food.  I am not saying this is the wrong thing to do by any means.   Maybe the people making the food find just as much comfort in making it as those who are eating it. 

Let me say for all of you who know me a little or know me a lot... I am obviously no psychologist.  I am simply putting my thoughts down as they happen to pop into my chubby little head....hehe

I find myself looking at things differently.....more clearly...more realistic.  It is helping me more and more each day.  It's making me accountable for MY OWN actions.

It was a much better day!!  I can honestly say I didn't cheat not one time today and I actually feel confident that there will be no snacking tonight!!! So says G.O.D!! (Girl On Diet)!!

So... as I wind down for the evening and I'm off to read another chapter of my book here is a peek at my yummy dinner from tonight.  BBQ Chicken Breast (Tyson-quick and easy) and Fresh Steamed Baby Potatoes and Green Beans with a little olive oil, fresh dill and salt/pepper.

Good night...sweet dreams... M

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