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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dining Out Test - Pass or Fail?


So a true test for me while trying to watch what I eat is deciding what to order off the dreaded restaurant menu.  Yes, its true restaurants are getting better a marking items.  "Fit Fresh" here, "Low Fat" there, "Carb Friendly" everywhere else it seems!!  While these are much appreciated it still can be a tough decision.

I had dinner with 2 girlfriends tonight ( Yes, Holly you are #1 friend...hehe) But, my other partner in crime was my fitness pal.  My fitness pal helps me keep on track each day and also keeps me accountable when I might feel the urge to stumble a bit.  My fitness pal makes me keep track of everything I eat. ( And believe you me...she counts every nibble)  And, boy is she smart..she can rattle off calories, fat grams, carb counts like nobody's business!!!

Okay seriously,  if you haven't figured it out by now My Fitness Pal is a new app I have been using on my Blackberry.  And, NO.... I haven't given "her" a name...but it would be like me to do so.  I'll have to work on that!!!

Anyway...the My Fitness Pal program allows you to plug in most grocery items, restaurant meals with loads of options, and even create your own foods and meals.  You can use it both online and as an app on your phone.  It gives me the perfect way to track my eating from breakfast at home, to lunch at work, and tonight..... my meal out with a friend.   Take a look!!!

Herb Crusted Chicken
(I opted for a side of fruit instead of the potato in this photo)

                                       Calories  Carbs  Fat  Protein
Eat N Park - Herb-Crusted Chicken, 1 piece    265      5    12      33
Eat N Park - Sugar Snap Peas, 1 cup      53      9     0       4
Eat'n Park - Fruit Cup, 1 serving     59    15     0       1

   377    29    12     38

There is alot of other ways to use my fitness pal to help keep you on track....So far I am finding it to be very helpful.  My fitness pal even says I have enough calories left today to have a little snack!!

I think I see a sugar free fudge bar in my future. :-)

Well that is about all for my silly ranting tonight....It's been another good day!!

Laugh Often......M

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