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Friday, August 3, 2012

The end of a very long work week!!!


Wow....what a week!! Been a busy one that's for sure.  We had several people out of the office this week, but those of us there all pitched in and got the job done.  What a difference from past experiences at the workplace.  I know for me stress can be a disaster for me when it comes to my eating habits.  But, things are going much better for both of us on that front.

Dan and I both have been putting in some long hours at work so keeping everything in check could have been a bit harder on the healthy eating thing this week.  But, luckily I had things prepared this week for most of our meals...3 meals a day.  We had a luncheon at work the last couple days at work, but I can honestly say I stayed on track for the most part.

So....its the weekend and that is generally when I literally "GET COOKIN".  I have a few ideas to add to this weeks menu this week.  I have really been trying to come up with more options......more healthier options.

First on my agenda tomorrow is to hit the farmer's market in Monroeville.  Then, I think I am gonna head home to whip up a batch of spaghetti sauce to use for Sunday's dinner.  Our garden is overflowing with peppers and tomatoes right now. So I am gonna make the most of them and treat my husband to spaghetti and meatballs for Sunday.  Looks like he'll be back on 3-11 shift all next week.

A true test of my will power when it comes to evenings alone at home.  I am feeling confident this week will be different from ones past.  Positive thoughts would be much appreciated!!

Anyway...just a quick little note to wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Love Much....M

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