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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sometimes you feel like a CARB....Sometimes you don't.....


Another weekend has flown by and another work week is soon approaching.  I spent alot of time preparing for the week on the menu front.  I have so many items to share today.  Most of my items have been prepared with love for my hubby.  He'll be working nights this week so I wanted to be sure we had items ready and available for both of us. 

Yesterday I took my Saturday morning trip to the farmers market to get a few extra items I needed for the weekend and upcoming week.  However, before we headed out I prepared us breakfast using one of my favorite ways of cooking these days.  Yep, you guessed it....using my cupcake pan.  This is still working out quite well for me on the portion control.  My first item yesterday was Berry Pancake Muffins.  I used my favorite scratch made pancake recipe, added some berries and added a few sausage links on the side. Quick and easy!! 

Once we got back from the farmers market I just went on a cooking frenzy!!  I (with the help of my hubby) chopped up tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onion, and fresh herbs to get the party started. (most of the items from our very own garden!!)  Added some odds and ends and created what could very well be my best spaghetti and meatballs ever.  I even kicked it into turbo by turning one meal into 3.  We stuffed some hot peppers (not that we really knew they were hot to begin with).  My hubby found that out the hard way...hehe.  This is a "G" rated BLOG so I will not use his exact words.  But, basically it seems as though someone thought it would be funny to change up the tags at the greenhouse.  What we thought were sweet banana peppers were NOT!!!  THEY WERE HOT!!  Then lastly I figured why not a meatloaf too.  So here are a few of my photos to share....too bad we don't have smell-o-vision or scratch and sniff online!!!  LOL


Not that we need anymore carbohydrates TODAY, but I figured I would throw together a couple loaves of bread to have a little with dinner tonight.  In doing so that means Dan will have bread for his sandwhiches this week for work.  It took everything I had to eat only one slice tonight and not whip out that amish strawberry jam out of the fridge. But, the jam will live to see another day.  The bread however.....???  Dan will be home alone tomorrow until about 2pm.  hehe

The weekend wouldn't be complete if I didn't make a little something to make the sweet tooth happy.  This time I chose a little chocolate done a healthier way.  "Dark Chocolate Zucchini and Greek Yogurt Muffins"  This was my first attempt at these.  I basically winged it and they came out pretty good.  I might try to tweek it a bit over time to see if I can't improve on them.  However, they did take the edge of my chocolate craving.

So I made it through another weekend without complete disaster.  One step at a time to a healthier me.  Everything I'd like to see happen isn't going to happen overnight.  However, I certainly feel better and my blood sugar numbers have never been this good.  So for now I will continue on my journey and hopefully meet many more goals I wish to accomplish.

Now that I am feeling better and have more energy my next step is to get my butt movin' and a shakin'!!!  Well maybe not all at once...hehe  But you know what I mean....

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